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For the convenience of our clients, we accept debit cards and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Discover), as well as checks and cash.  We are also able to accept Care Credit.  Care Credit can be applied for online, even before the veterinary visit occurs.  Care Credit is a no interest credit card that allows payments to be spread out over 6 months (sometimes more depending on the total invoice).  It does not have an annual fee.  Applicants for Care Credit can apply with a co-signor, so do not necessarily have to have perfect credit in order to be approved.  Our receptionist staff will gladly help, if there are any issues with filling out or with submitting the application.


In order to focus on our patients and on providing the highest quality of medicine possible, we are unable to provide other payment plans.  Payment is expected at the time that services are provided.

There are many pet insurance plans available.  The following website reviews some of the most popular plans for 2016, and rates them based on factors such as customer service, coverage of hereditary diseases, price of policy, and timeliness of reimbursement.                                        Fuego christmas